I recently started building a 10/22 Takedown using a Brownells receiver with Volquartsen bolt, barrel KIDD trigger using a Magpul Hunter stock. I ran in to a couple of problems. One, the bolt is very tight in the receiver, to the point that it prevents smooth action. It catches and has to be assisted for the bolt to return forward. If I use my hands to spread the receiver apart a little with the bolt in place the bolt will move freely, so I suspect that VQ comp bolt is just a little too tight in the receiver. The bolt has a low friction coating on it, so I'd hate to polish it off. I was thinking of polishing the rails and side of the receiver where it appears to be binding. My question is So my question is, \ how would you guys go about fitting a steel bolt to an aluminum receiver?

FYI, Going in to this there were a couple of questions about how all the parts would work together but I could find almost nothing on line and the manufacturers weren't able to answer. One thing I can confirm is that the VQ TD barrel will not work with the Brownell rail-less or Tacsol X-Ring receivers. The scope mount on the barrel hits on both receivers so you are unable to mount the barrel without loosening the rail mount to put the barrel on and take it off.

Thanks for any suggestions and Happy New Year