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Thread: ordered a new gun

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    ordered a new gun

    Seems like I haven't bought a gun in years. I reckon I was looking for something to pop up that caught my eye.....and it just did. I just ordered the Springfield Armory Ronin with the 4.25" barrel in 45ACP. After spending days and days looking at Commander size 1911's I discovered two things.
    First of all, there don't seem to be many guns of any kind available. Damndest thing I ever saw.
    Secondly, it takes quite a bit of study when deciding on which gun to buy. There really are several good choices in the Commander size 1911. Prices are being held at or even above MSRP. I felt good to get this for $50 under MSRP. Ammo is scarce as well. But, if all goes well, I should have the gun the end of this week, and I happen to have a few rounds of ammo at the house. Two friends of mine have recently bought new pistols and want to come to the house to shoot. I guess their purchases got my interest up. It has been fun and even tiring the last several days looking at so many guns.

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    Times are challenging lately, glad I have been through this before a few times and don't really need anything, thankfully!
    Support your right to keep and bear arms!!!

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