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    Gun Safe Question

    How do they define how many guns can fit into one safe? Is there a formula? What types of guns do you use? Long guns and handguns? I am very confused... some safe companies say as many as 84 guns!? Absurd!!! What is the baseline? This all just seems like such a scam. I have a "24 gun safe" that I can barely get 12 guns in. Please, I'd love to hear why the entire gunsafe industry is getting away with rediculous lies.

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    Good question! In my experience, they may hold what they say if it's half long guns with no optics and half handguns... lol

    Optics make a big difference and reduce the capacity of most by about half.
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    The Biometric safes seem cool. I have been looking at handgun safes for awhile and I can't find one that is perfect for me. I like the idea of the Vaultek series. Some of the reviews seem really good here. VAULTEK PRO Biometric Handgun Safe promises to be capable to store multiple handguns. Any experiences with them?

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    Recently, I saw a source with the review on hidden gun safes. And, I think, it's a pretty strange decision. I mean, it's a controversial way of keeping your guns. I think, they should be kept in special gun safes, no hidden ones. It's a perfect thing for your cards, cash or jewelries and so on. But I find it creepy thing to hide the weapon in your house.

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    i'll also like to learn from your replies . i'm having same issue .

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