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Thread: T/C Contender problem

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    T/C Contender problem

    I bought a T/C barrell off ebay, Bullberry 7-30 Waters, it appears to have never been shot condition.
    It locks up solid but will not unlock from the frame, any suggestions? Only by pulling off the triger assembly and moving back the locking bolt will it open. I do not want to start filing away on it without a little knowledge.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Is the frame a G2 Contender or one of the original style TC Contenders?
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    It is an old Contender frame.

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    58 looks and no one has had this problem or has any ideas? Someone must have some thoughts on this.

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    Sorry I'm just getting back to this thread. The condition you describe was notorious on the old contenders. That and being able to recock the hammer upon let down without breaking open the action were what led to the G2's.

    In early G1's the pivot point was at the front of the trigger guard, that was moved further back on later models to improve leverage.
    If you go to TC's website and contact CS, at one time they offered updates for the early receivers to fix the problem. They may be able to help you out if this is the problem.

    When the improvements were made they went from two piece to one piece locking lugs, sometimes if you put a newer barrel with the 1 piece lug on an older frame meant for 2 piece they will lock up hard.

    I've seen them need a mallet to open them.

    Sorry to take so long, hope this helps some. TC's customer service should be able to help you out if the above is the problem.
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    Yup T/C customer service is generally VERY good at answering questions and solving problems.
    Your other option might be to call or email Bullbery ( if they're still around ) and tell them about your problem.
    They might be able to tell you the fix !

    One note though!
    T/C frowns on aftermarket parts usage!
    They might have issues with the Bulberry barrel should you have to send the gun back to them,so you might not want to volenteer the info.
    I had an issue with one of my Encore pistols that developed misfire problems.
    First they sent me a firing pin pak,and I replaced the pin and spring assembly(they sent it no charge)
    That didn't work,so they asked me to send them the frome to check out.
    They called me in a few days and said that the hammer ,and whatever springs operate it had to be replaced,and because I had a hammer extension on it at one time (they could see the marks on it ) it wasn't covered under warranty!
    I believe that was why they came up with the swing hammer !
    If you look in thier catalog I don't believe you'll see any hammer extensions offered from them!

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    Last week I was in AZ and decided to go by the Bullberry shop in Southern UT. They fixed my problem with the barrel locking up in about 10 minuites. (the locking assembly was bad) It is a small family run shop that makes custom barrels, grips/forends and some bolt action work. They are extremely friendly and knowledgable about anything regarding T/C. Thre barrels are a little expensive but they guaranty 1moa and stand behind it. There is no comparison to stock barrels and theirs. Their woodwork is very nice in that they will make anything you can come up with on order.

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