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    I hear that Missouri has what is called "open carry". Does this mean that you do not need a CCW permit to carry a gun? Can it be concealed, or does it need to be exposed? What about in a vehicle? Can someone explain this to me?

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    'Open Carry' usually refers to allowing one to carry a sidearm on their person unconcealed and visible at all times. We have the same 'Open Carry' law here in Michigan. All other State firearm laws still apply regarding; 'Gun Free Zones', properly transporting a firearm in a motor vehicle (ie: incased, unloaded, separate from any ammunition supply, inaccessible to any occupants within the vehicle [aka: 'span of control'], etc.). It is always best, and highly recommended, to refer to your State law(s) concerning firearms, their use, possession of, and so on.
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