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Thread: TC Venture or Ruger American

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    TC Venture or Ruger American

    I want to get me a 270 for deer hunting and am stuck between these 2. Any advice?

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    I cannot speak from experience with the american but the TC Venture is a pretty awesome gun for the money. The ruger does look intruiging though and the bedding block they put in the stock should really improve its accuracy potential.

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    Havent shot either but have handled both. TC easily the better built of the two. The ruger feels cheap the magzine is junk and I can see it breaking or wearing out fast. the stock is less quality than what I would expect in a 50 doaller bb gun and it shows the line wear it was molded really bad. Only offered in 4 calibers.

    I like a tang safety and the reveiws on its accuracy are excellent

    TC magazine is composite but feels sturdy, Stock is solid and hasnt got that hollow sound to it. Not to mention the grips they built into it. Has a MOA guarantee and has the reveiws to back that up. Many calibers to choose from and its got weather shield models if you choose.

    If I was buying which I very well may be I would look at the Ruger M77 or the TC venture. The ruger cheapo just feels wel cheap

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    I had a pre-Hawkeye 77 ... got rid of it ... sloppy/rough bolt ... nothin' like my Winchesters!

    I handled a Hawkeye ... they seem better. I'd still opt fer a Winchester ... 'specially since the Hawkeye's are priced as though they were Winchesters.

    Seems like every manufacturer has introduced a $300 rifle in the last few years ... Savage Axis/Edge/whatever ... Marlin ... Remington 770 ... Weatherby's had the Vanguard for a lotta years, but I think they make a purdy cheap one, too.

    Now Ruger's joined the bunch ... a latecomer, at that. And I don't know that their "premium" rifle is much to write home 'bout. For all I know, it's the best there is ... among $300 rifles. I don't know that the Venture's in that category?

    But I'd take the Marlin or Savage over the Ruger, as of yet.

    I'd take a Venture or Tikka over any of them. I'd take a Tikka over most anything ... now that's a smooth rifle! ... and very accurate!

    Not much to go on ... but Ruger calling their new "bargain" rifle the "American" seems pretty ridiculous ... kinda like Mossberg's "4x4".

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    I love my TC Venture. I have it in .308 and don't necessarily regret my decision, sometimes I wish I would have gotten a 270.

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