Commander Rod Briece U.S. Navy Retired now serving in GOD's Navy!

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This is a bit different then most would see with a post from Bwana Bubba! Food for thought about Rod Briece and the amount of friends that he took Antelope Hunting in Oregon and lead to Boone & Crockett Antelope-Pronghorns! Yet! Himself he never harvest a Booner Pronghorn over the years!

Commander Rod Briece U.S. Navy Retired was a Believer, a Father, a Husband, a Leader, an Educator, and a Friend. Plus hunting and fishing was a passion for him in his off time. In the later years Rod, found his grandson to be his new partner in the field. That will surely be missed forever, but not forgotten for his grandson!

My name is Frank Biggs aka Frank Trumble when I first met Mr. Briece in 1969 at the Naval Security Group Activity in Imperial Beach, California. He was a young Lt. Jg. Line Officer attached to Admin at the Naval Security Group Activity in Imperial Beach, California. I was a young enlisted Petty Officer attached to a different Division in COMSEC. I had heard that we had someone from Portland, Oregon at the site and I just had to meet him. I was able to see Mr. Briece one day and found out that he love to duck hunt. Well I knew all of the places to hunt ducks outside of San Diego, plus along the Mexican border. I quickly invited him to duck hunt on my 80 hours off. The hunt as an outing was great but no ducks, yet the day before I had jumped more than 500 ducks and geese in the marsh land between the Mexican and U.S. border.

I did not have much time left at that base, as I was going overseas. I met Rod & Cheryl one day near Ream Field, Imperial Beach. They had their two twin daughters Janel and Anne with them. For some reason, that I can’t remember, I was able to hold both of the girls, one in each arm. In reference to the above sentence, some years later like about 10 years I took my daughter Rebecca to the reserve center and Rod held her, she was about the same age in reference to the time I head Janel and Anne. Ironic the circle of life and happenings.

It was some time later in 1972 that I was able to reconnect with Rod at the Naval Security Group Activity in Portland, OR. It was a Reserve U.S. Naval Security Communications site at the reserve center doing active military work. Rod later became my Commanding Officer for the unit I was attached to. Great Leader of men and women! I would have to say Commander Briece was hands on Officer. At this point, I always refer him when on duty as Commander Briece!

Over the years I feel that Rod and I became good friend, nice thing about the reserves you can fraternize in civilian life. While Rod was teaching Political Science at Mt Hood Community College, Rod helped me with projects with career at Burns Bros., Inc.

There is a great deal that I can tell you about Rod & my relationship over 40 years! I do have to mention that whenever I called Rod, Cheryl normally answer the phone with a great voice and always say I will get Rod for you and “how are you doing”!

During the summer months when Rod wasn't having to do an Reserve Active Duty Training and the college was close you could find him working at Norm Thompson Outfitters, where he would be working fly fishing or gun section. In those days Norm Thompson was the place for the best in hunting and fishing. It is during that time frame that Rod met Jack O' Connor, the legendary hunter who traveled the world was known as that man that shot the Winchester 270 for everything. Rod acuired a Winchester Model 70 in the 338 Win. Mag caliber from Jack. I was fortunate enough to see the rifle on an elk hunt with Rod. That was Rod's elk hunting rifle!

He guided me on my first Antelope hunt in Oregon, which was hunt of a lifetime and the meeting of new people. Later Rod introduced me to Wild Bill Campbell on a deer hunt outside of Pilot Rock, Oregon. Wild Bill Campbell and I would become great friends over the passing years.
deLopeFrank Rod 1978.jpg

This was a great trip with Rod, my GMC truck working the hills and having 3 game plans. Boone & Crockett Pronghorn
Rod was always working on us Navy boys to come closer to God and he introduced me to Good Shepherd Church and the men’s group for early Morning Prayer on Tuesdays.

Then there was the summer that I was invited to the Good Shepherd Camp out at the Fairgrounds (Hunt Park) in Tgyh Valley, Oregon, bringing along my son and his buddy. The boys camped outside in a tent and I had the luxury of Rod’s Camper. The boys were able to fish and later we all went on an Exotic Sheep hunt with success. That was the talk around the campfire that evening after the hunt!

I would have to put the biggest deal in my life when I was invited to the Sportsman’s Dinner at Good Shepherd. It happen to be the time when Dennis Agajanian came and gave testimonial to all us that were there. I was very enlightened and when Dennis Agajanian asks of those in the audience who was ready to come to the Lord. Stand and be known, touching Rod on the shoulder and doing so was of great feeling and the great feel of the chill when you touch the Lord.

I thank Rod for everything that he gave out to everyone he touched. I am sure that Rod will continue on this new adventurer with Jesus! Rod you will be remembered by all of us in our Hearts my friend! God Bless!