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  1. My favorite topic... ZOMBIES!
  2. newbies
  3. OK, I had to include this.
  4. Happy Friday!!!
  5. No Time to Explain!!!
  6. wheres everyone from?
  7. ***O-fficial*** Vent thread!
  8. well that did not take long thank you
  9. The Jak thread V 2.0
  10. Club Shrapnel bar/ lounge
  11. How about a picture thread??
  12. this quote me made laugh a lot
  13. Leave this page
  14. All time great quotes.
  15. What's the best song on your IPOD?
  16. Ok, am I right to be upset?
  17. Conflicting interests?
  18. Accomplishment of the day
  19. 4 Cylinder Toyota Tacoma
  20. Is your team heading to the big dance??
  21. I have been wondering...
  22. Who has the HOTTEST avatar??
  23. Drink of the day?
  24. Anyone seen the movie Act of Valor?
  25. The List of Offensive Range Stereotypes
  26. The Range Idiot Song (Don't Shoot)
  27. Happy St Patrick's Day!
  28. st. patties day shootin
  29. The developing news story about SSgt Robert Bales
  30. Mutants
  31. So I get into my truck, and something grabs me on my shoulder....
  32. 70 Virgins?
  33. Anyone seen this Youtube guy FPS Ruissa?
  34. I'm adding this to my bucket list!
  35. Does anyone give Ron Paul a chance?
  36. Oakland Calif nursing college shooting
  37. Sen. Santorum
  38. Beer you most often drink?
  39. scent elimination
  40. Beer you would rather shoot at, then drink
  41. NEW DAILY THREAD--This Day In History:May 8,1970 "Nixon defends invasion of Cambodia"
  42. This Day In History:May 9, 1950:"L. Ron Hubbard publishes Dianetics"
  43. This Day In History:May 10, 1996 "Death on Mount Everest"
  44. This Day In History:May 11, 1949"The Queen of Poisoners takes her toll"
  45. This Day In History:May 12, 1963 "Bob Dylan walks out on The Ed Sullivan Show"
  46. Please take 10 minutes and watch this......
  47. This Day In History:May 13, 1985"A raid is set for MOVE headquarters"
  48. This Day In History:May 14, 1999 Clinton apologizes for embassy bombing
  49. This Day In History:May 15, 1942 "Seventeen states put gasoline rationing into effect
  50. This Day In History:May 18, 1871''Chief Satanta massacres teamsters''
  51. fishin
  52. A prime example of why our country is in the shape it is in.....
  53. This day in history: June 9, 1898
  54. How to kill a rainy afternoon
  55. Vehicle changes...opinions? - 4 door jeep vs. 4 door truck
  56. Of Corvidae and Camouflage Part 1
  57. Battle Mug....
  58. This day in history June 19.
  59. I LMAO when I saw this.......
  60. CONGRADULATIONS to the new addition to SQUATCH's family!!
  61. Epic FAIL at local Gun Club over the weekend.
  62. My new hunting partner...
  63. That's a good lookin' dog......
  64. The official "I tore it all to Hell" thread....
  65. Quad Parts Prices............WHAT!!!
  66. Hole diggin' SOB's
  67. Remembering September 11th 2001
  68. Shotgun Boogie
  69. New 'Peace Plan' for the USA......
  70. How's this for a bon Fire?
  71. Peek-A-Boo...........
  72. new guy
  73. Sad
  74. Old man and new pup
  75. Chicks with guns
  76. Why won't our News Media report incidents like this??
  77. Little Johnny and Addition.......
  78. Beer
  79. should get a good blood trail with that
  80. This is my kind of woman.....(no pics, just read it)
  81. Howdy, from 20' up.....
  82. "Amen".....
  83. Kids say the darnedest things
  84. Who likes tree rats?
  85. The doe chasing has begun
  86. congrats to the left!
  87. Thanksgiving
  88. Black gun disease strikes again!
  89. Tap into your inner badass
  90. I hate when that happens!
  91. Trappers?
  92. Minnesota man shoots 2
  93. Black Friday
  94. Let's see yer pups!
  95. Merry Xmas!
  96. Internship starts January the 4th....had to do a makeover LOL.
  97. What's for supper.....?
  98. Vote!!!
  99. ballerina falls on her butt video. FUNNY!.
  100. I hate mornings like this......
  101. Another great watch.........
  102. My latest BONEHEAD move...........
  103. OMG!! I am speechless.......
  104. I need a GOOD paint remover....
  105. It must be the smell.
  106. Semi-auto firearms can take down aircraft and blow-up railroads.....
  107. Public Service Announcement
  108. Letter from Sun Valley Guns, WV Re: Rifle parts/Ammo Production...
  109. So God made a lideral
  110. Bowkils Birthday
  111. You boys like Tannerite?
  112. Anyone take North Korea seriously?
  113. Guy walks into bar......
  114. Mess of crappies
  115. Gotta at least make fun of the present situation, so.....
  116. You know what a smart president would do?
  117. Ready?
  118. Tired of Facebook?
  119. Just a joke
  120. Has anyone seen...
  121. almost a reunion
  122. What car
  123. Baconator
  124. A resounding hello from a swath of new people
  125. As usual
  126. I am speedbird
  127. Being on call...
  128. A MUST read!!
  129. No sheep
  130. Expectation VS Reality
  131. gonna wear it out
  132. Check out my package
  133. Driver
  134. I regret to be the one to inform you.
  135. anyone smoke
  136. Light-hearted, Civil conversation...
  137. Welcome to the inner circle!
  138. Did Den build this bus?
  139. Do they roll up the sidewalks after 2:00?
  140. Are there more bow lovers than gun lovers?
  141. Suddenly
  142. Six is pretty sure.......
  143. The past is the past.
  144. Have you ever bought a gun and........
  145. Important...
  146. Buying a new pet
  147. Shooting style
  148. Dream Guns
  149. Your realistic gun wish list...........
  150. The more I think of it, the angrier...
  151. uhggggg
  152. Winchester power points 150 grain ammunition question
  153. What do you shoot at?
  154. That one gun...
  155. Nikon or Leupold
  156. Hmm..
  157. double barrel 1911
  158. How the heck to you get back to archery talk?
  159. Just bragging on my family
  160. Did the club close down?